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Greetings! Welcome to the Clan MacMeow, a gathering place for the furry friends of the defunct, but missed, Holy Ground Highlander Forum and a companion page to the Clan MacWoof! Sadly, the Clan MacWoof appears to be gone. If anyone knows a current link for it, please email me.

We’ve expanded to two pages now! Don’t forget to visit our second page to see even more furry members of the Clan MacMeow!


Andrea’s Friend

Her name is Ruby Tuesday but she is frequently known around these parts as Crazy Ruby, mood swing cat, and the devil's little minion (maybe that last one sounds harsh, but I say it with total affection and really, sometimes... err, a lot of the time... she just is that way). I found her at my grandfather's farm and I just couldn't bear the thought of my grandparents calling animal control to come pick her up, or worse a dog getting her.  She is quite cute (imo) and very funny.  Sometimes for no reason at all, she puffs up her fur and zips around the apartment running from one room to the next leaping off chairs and tables. She has a patch of white and cream colored fur on her stomach in the shape of the letter T. 

“Duncan MacPurr”

“Pippie Loo”


Pookkah’s Friends

The gray one is named Duncan MacPurr and the calico is named Pippie Loo.  I'd wanted Pippie to be named Tessa Meowel, but she is my sister's cat and she didn't want to call her that.

Pip's is a baby picture, she was maybe 2 or 3 months old in it.  Duncan is about one year old in his picture.  I don't have any recent pictures scanned, the kitties are 2 years old as of this past April.



Leah CWPack &
Annie CWPack’s Friend

Strawberry (better known to Annie and me throughout her life as 'Psychokitty') was a tiny stray kitten when we found her. She was playing among the wooden stalls of a produce stand next to an extremely busy highway, and I was terrified that she was going to get killed by one of the cars pulling up to make a purchase. She appeared to be part of a litter born in the brush and debris near the stand. I approached the owner and laughingly asked him if he would bribe me with a free basket of strawberries if Annie and I adopted the kitten and took her home. He pointed to Strawberry's parent, sitting behind him inside, and said "If it's anything like that nasty bastard of a dad, you can have it." The adult cat was a huge, fuzzy black monster who looked like a Persian that had stuck his tail in a light socket. "He's too mean to kill."

Crossed over to The Rainbow Bridge on June 14, 2000.

To see many more of Annie’s and Leah’s friends, visit Bizarro Cattery.

Artwork copyright Leah Rosenthal, All Rights Reserved


Rab’s Friend

This is Bigfoot -- aka Evil K'at, The Shadow, Jack the Ripper, get the idea.  <g>

“Lady Jane Gray”

 “Methos, Master of the Universe”

 “Duncan MacFur”


Merrie Gail’s Friends

Lady Jane Gray - 22 years blue cream shorthair (dilute tortoise shell)
Duncan MacFur - about 3 years Foundling, Ragdoll
Methos, Master of the Universe - very long, very large black, long single coat, foreign body type-foundling-probably about 5 years.

Watching us from across the Rainbow Bridge:

Pyewacket, Cheryl's Siamese, who left us in 1998 at the age of 25
Schaherazade, aka Small Black and Beastly, the computer cat and my familiar who left us last year (after training Duncan) after 24 years.

Of course there are more at Mehri’s Mountain.




 “Dakota & Apache”


Jette’s Friends

Here's Dakota and Apache.  Apache is the cute tortoiseshell and Dakota is the black and white. She thinks she's a supermodel and he is a rough little boy who thinks he's tough.  <g>

George was with me for 14 years and died in May 1995. As you can see he was very fond of being groomed - he knew the sound of the word "brush" and would immediately *assume the position*. If you didn't get the brush just right he would grab it with his paws to direct it. He also liked to cuddle with me at night – lying under the bedcovers, his head on the pillow and his front paw around my neck. I still miss him.

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