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Last Updated 02/15/2020

Greetings! Welcome to the Clan MacMeow, a gathering place for the furry friends of the defunct but always missed Holy Ground Highlander Forum and a companion page to the Clan MacWoof! Sadly, the Clan MacWoof appears to be gone. If anyone knows a current link for it, please email me. If your own furry friends would like to join the Clan MacMeow, please email photo(s) and details by clicking on the “Mail” icon at the bottom of the page.




Creatch’s Friends

This is my gentle giant Max.  Believe it or not, he and Rochester were littermates.  Despite the fact that he's 18 pounds and gorgeous to boot, he's *not* the Alpha male type.  He needs someone to boss him around while I'm away at work.  It doesn't show in this pic but he's got lovely blue eyes and yes he is gonna eat you alive if you don't worship him in the manner to which he is accustomed.

Attached is a pic of Rochester. He ruled my house with an iron paw for 7 years. His primary indoor domain was my bed, which he protected fiercely from any encroachment by my two other kitties.  He was a champion mouser and was still bringing me "gifts" a few days before he suddenly had to be put down on August 2, 1999.

I've attached a pic of Cato. He was the eternal kitten, was a contortionist of major proportions (he could even out-sprawl a certain character that I'm quite fond of), had a purr like a jet engine and a fondness for taking on my big kitty Max in a friendly wrestling match.  He died on June 16, just 3 days shy of his 7th birthday.





Tirnanog’s Friends

Stripeman--Classic brown tabby, a Humane Society foundling. He is nicknamed Hyper-Striper because he constantly dashes around the house uttering manic little whirring sounds.

Cheddar--Known to his friends as The Shedder because he gives off large quantities of pale yellow hairs which are magnetically attracted to any dark fabric within a ten foot range. Ched just wandered into the back yard one day and made himself at home. He "mothers" both of my other cats, and makes sure their ears are clean. He especially likes to snuggle up with Stripeman for a nap.

Rufus--Another Humane Society adoptee. He was a tiny, fierce ball of fluff when I adopted him. Now he weighs over 20 pounds. He likes to lie belly-up under the ceiling fan, and resembles a beached whale while doing so. Prefers to drink water from the bathtub faucet. Likes to grab my face in his huge paws and lick my cheeks.

Oh, and they all love eating fresh catnip leaves which I grow for them every year.

 “Pepper & Barneygoogle”


“Miss Callie”

Barney’s Friends

The cat in the mirror is a Gemini named Barneygoogle. He was 5 weeks old when I adopted him to be a companion to my 9 year old dog, Pepper. It was a battle of wits and cunning. Barney usually out classed all of us. He loved to retrieve his ball, repeatedly. In the winter, if no one played ball he simply picked up the ball, carried it to the floor furnace, and dropped it. The Pet Person, me, ran the race of time before it melted. Changing bedding each week could take up to 30 minutes when he helped. He knew the sound of sheets being unfolded. But, I really think he enjoyed walking on a leash with Pepper more than anything (no joy in dogville, however). He talked a lot, he trained Pepper to suit himself, he adopted a stray kitten and raised it, he played nurse to a very sick cat that also came to live with us, and managed ot train the new puppy that arrived after Pepper died. A well-traveled Marmalade, he lived in Arkansas, Texas, and Missouri and died at the age of 13, much beloved and always missed.

The current cat is Miss Callie, a previously owned cat, who arrived at the age of 4 from Dallas. She is the opposite of Barney. She never speaks (meows only in moving cars). A most determined cat, waiting up to 2 hours by the fridge. Hide-and-go-seek is what she likes most, as long as it is according to her rules. She is extremely friendly, devoted to the patio door for sunbathing and bird viewing. She sleeps ith her toy bear, is a creature of habit (you can set your clock by what she is doing anytime of the day), very laid back and extremely comfortable with her life. She is 14 going on 5.



More of Annie CWPack and Leah CWPack’s Friends

This is our wonderful tortoiseshell tabby, Bambi. We found her at the local pound. She was five years old and her owners had dumped her there because they claimed they were allergic to her. She put her paw up at us just like you can see in this picture. She is a huge cat and when we used to show her as a Household Pet, many judges called her a shorthaired Maine Coon (in jest, of course). We showed her for several years and she absolutely adored the shows, kissing judges and playing up to the spectators. You can see here one of the enormous trophies she won as “Best of the Best” cat at a huge show in Ft. Lauderdale. There were over 100 Household Pets entered in that show! During her show career, Bambi won several Regional and National awards. Now, she rules our cattery with an iron paw, keeping all of the other cats in line. She has no tolerance for bad kitty manners! We’re not certain of her exact age, but she is about 15 years old or so.

At the same time we adopted Bambi, we saw a beautiful semi-longhair Calico at the pound. How could we resist? We named her Flower and we always called her our little “French” cat. There was just something about her that made us think of a little French girl in Paris. Sadly, Flower has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

To see many more of Annie’s and Leah’s friends, visit Bizarro Cattery.

My good friend Laura asked that her pal, Buster, be considered a “special mascot” to the Clan MacMeow. Laura isn’t an active participant in Highlander fandom, although she loves Adrian Paul and enjoys the show.



Laura V.’s Friend

Buster is an 11 ½ year old half Chow/half German Shepherd. He is a "lap dog," despite being 111 lbs. Aside from his real name, he is also called by the sickening appellations of "Buster Boo," "Mr. B," "Stinky," Puddleduck," "Muttley" and "Barkley." He lives in the lap of luxury, is a house dog and lays under a fan that oscillates up and down his back all day and night (he has a heavy Shepherd top coat and thick Chow undercoat, which is miserable for a dog in Texas). On the rare occasions he's not in the house, he has his own swimming pool. He's sneaky, scared of thunderstorms and very, very bright. He's learned to count to 10 by following voice or hand signals and can do many other tricks. His favorite is to roll over, show his soft, white underbelly and look pathetic, begging you to scratch his tummy. His favorite treats are peppermints (of which he gets very few). Most days, you can find him lying at the front door, growling and barking furiously at anyone who walks by. Buster's biggest claims to fame are (1) being etched in marble by pro/fan artist Karen River and (2) having met Annie Wortham and Leah Rosenthal (through a glass door, of course).

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